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Hello, I am

Entrepreneur & Builder

If I could define myself in one word, it would be that I am a builder

My passion and skill set lies in bringing an idea to life and getting it going

As an entrepreneur, I love working with early start-ups where I can get in at the ground level to help shape something truly remarkable. While some would argue that working with businesses in these early stages brings with it a lot of risk, I would argue – although that may be true – that it also brings with it a lot of opportunities. 

Adam Miron Entrepreneur

As the saying goes: “With great risk comes great reward."

Every billion dollar company
starts with an idea

with the early stages of working tirelessly to develop something new or improve it

You can’t skip these stages and expect great results. As one of less than 100 Canadians to have started a business and lived to see it become worth more than a billion dollars, I know first hand that this is true.

That’s why I’ve captured not only this lesson, but many more, in my new book Billion Dollar Start-up. Now you don’t have to wait until your business is worth a billion dollars to start applying some of the amazing business lessons that have helped shape me as an entrepreneur and that hopefully will help shape your entrepreneurial journey too. 

Being an entrepreneur is all about connecting the dots, and if in doing so that brought you here, then I look forward to working with you to see how this dot will help shape your business. 

My business interests mirror my driving curiosity and determination to build

I am interested in working with high-risk, early-stage startups, and am extremely passionate about investing my time and money in seeing them succeed through my company No. 2 Mission Row.

My portfolio to date includes

Brane Capital

In addition, I continue to serve as a Board of Director with HEXO Corp. and Brane Capital, as well as an Entrepreneur in Residence with Thompson Rivers University.

Less than 100 Canadians

Transforming an idea into a billion dollar business brings with it billion dollar lessons only less than a 100 Canadians can share.

Billion Dollar Start-up is not only a collection of these lessons, but the story of how two 29-year olds turned $35,000 into a $1,000,000 Cannabis company. 

Telling the story of

Canada's Momentous Road to Legalization

Read the story of entrepreneurial sacrifice, personal risk, and determination that ultimately brought with it unimaginable success. It is a story that, although unique in its details, highlights the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride that transforms an idea into a business, a business into an empire, and an empire into a billion dollar success story.

Throughout its pages, Billion Dollar Start-up offers its readers Billion Dollar Lessons​​

a set of reflections that recount my journey to success.

Whether it be lessons on working with family; finding the right partnership; accepting failure; or, trusting your gut instincts, each of these lessons proved monumental in growing my business and continue to ring true as I help others do the same.

Entrepreneur & Builder